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Rik Lostritto studied Kwoi Kan karate while in college. Although his initial period of study was just one year, it provided him with the basic tools of discernment in terms of appropriate martial arts training. After searching carefully for a style that matched his vision of the martial arts, he began studying Uechi-Ryu karate under Kyoshi John Spencer in Connecticut in 1985, and has been studying with Spencer Sensei ever since.

Rik founded his Dojo in Maryland in 1995 while continuing to receive support and training from John Spencer.  Rik has trained several highly skilled students in his own right, including several who have reached various dan ranks up to 4th dan. In recognition of the high quality of students Rik has trained, in 2003 Rik was awarded the title of Shihan (Master Instructor, certificate number 16). Rik is currently Rokudan (6th degree dan) Renshi.

Rik also studies Kobudo (weapons) under the auspices of the Rykokaku Kobudo system headed by Master Shinyu Gushi , and was awarded title of Shidoin (Instructor) in 2004. Rik currently holds the rank of 3rd dan (Sandan) in Kobudo. Rik also expresses his love of woodworking by making traditional custom wooden weapons such as jifa, nunchaku, bo, hanbo, kama (wood or metal blade), and tonfa.

Rik is also a Pharmacist and former associate professor of pharmacy as well as a Reiki Instructor.  He has a long standing interest in the natural herbal and energetic remedies which have been used in Asian martial and healing arts for centuries.  He has training in Therapeutic Touch, Quantum Touch, Reconnective Healing and Reiki (master’s certificate 1999).  

Since 1999, Rik has been practicing and teaching Reiki-based energy healing courses.  Rik’s energy healing courses are tailored to the student group; including massage therapists, chiropractors, clinical psychologists, nurses, martial artists, and other lay people from many walks of life.  Although primarily Reiki-based, his practice and courses incorporate useful elements from all of the various energy healing styles he has trained in as well as what he continues to learn from practical experience.