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For information regarding energy healing sessions or classes, please send an e-mail to Rik. Feel free to include a phone contact number as well. Thank you.

Background: Rik has had formal training in Therapeutic Touch, Reconnective Healing, Quantum Touch, and Reiki. These approaches contain many similarities including:

  • Being complimentary with conventional medicine.
  • Connection and interaction with the human energy field and surrounding energy to enhance and promote healing
  • Non-manipulative touch as a device to energetically connect
  • Non-touch (remote) methods to energetically connect
  • Practitioner manipulation of their breath to facilitate the process
  • A teaching structure and series of methods to enhance the practitioners awareness of and sensitivity to energetic healing processes.

In his practice and teaching, Rik has combined a number of useful approaches from the various energy-healing styles he has studied.  However, because of its simple, direct, and user-friendly methodology, Rik’s courses remain Reiki-based with additional useful techniques from other styles incorporated where they add substantial capability.

For the sake of simplicity, the following FAQs refer to Reiki.  They also apply to essentially every other energy healing modality.

What is Reiki? Reiki is  an energy healing method which is mediated through the hands.  Depending upon many factors, it may involve non-manipulative touch or working in the energy field off of the body.  Its purpose is to promote health, relaxation and healing

Reiki is Japanese for the Universal (Rei) Energy (Ki) and is familiar to those versed in certain martial arts, Chinese medicine, meditation and so on.  Reiki works with this vital energy which is inherent in all living things.

Reiki provides a non-invasive amplification of any healing mechanism.  It is complimentary and works in harmony with other treatments; both traditional and alternative.  It will not interfere or cause harm.

The Reiki Practitioner guides the already natural and available process of healing energy flow and does not use their own ki energy.  In this way, the healing energy is selfless and potentially unlimited.


What is Reiki used for? Reiki is not just for treating illness.  Athletes, artists and others with a desire to naturally enhance their energy, performance and creativity can benefit from Reiki treatment. Reiki also works on animals.


Are any religious beliefs part of Reiki? No, Reiki is not a religion.  It requires no religious beliefs and likewise does not clash with any religious beliefs of your own or those around you.  It is not a mystical or hidden method and is not a vehicle to cause harm.


Will Reiki cure me? Although in some cases, results have been dramatic; Reiki is not a cure all and it is no more or less miraculous than any other form of healing, conventional, alternative or otherwise. Reiki will not bring about so-called miracle cures or fulfill unreasonable expectations.  Many physical, mental and emotional factors effect our health, performance and healing.  The effects of Reiki are more in the direction of promoting the natural healing process and the tendency is a facilitation towards healing and better health.

Reiki stimulates the healthy, balanced and unrestricted flow of bioenergy throughout the body.  This in turn steers your own recuperative processes into a healthier direction.  The body is led in the direction of healing and optimum performance.  The effect is relaxing, rejuvenating and balancing. 


Can Reiki hurt me or interfere with my current medical treatment? Reiki will not cause harm. Reiki will not negate or interfere with any other therapy you engage in.  Rather, Reiki will facilitate and enhance the best responses to any other ongoing treatment.  Reiki is complimentary to your current treatment; NOT in place of it.  Do not use Reiki or any other energy healing method in place of other appropriate medical care.


What is a Reiki session like? Reiki sessions are fully clothed in a relaxed sitting or lying position in an atmosphere of comfortable lighting and sound.  It is preferred that you remove shoes and not wear perfume or jewelry other than jewelry which is worn every day (e.g., wedding rings. etc.).  I will wash my hands before and after working with you as a matter of normal physical and energetic hygiene.

During a Reiki session, I place my hands on or just above certain energy centers of the body including but not limited to the major Chakras.  (Before we actually begin our first session, I will demonstrate these positions to you.).

A hand position is held for as little as 30 seconds or as long as 3 minutes.  In general, the Reiki positions run in order from the head to the feet.  However, this is not a requirement and I often follow my intuitive guidance.

After the session, it is appropriate to discuss your session for a few minutes.  This prepares you for normal activity in a supportive and calm atmosphere as well allowing for an important exchange of information and closure of the session.

The healthy changes in your bioenergy field may manifest later on.  Therefore, I remain available to answer your questions related to Reiki as needed after the session.


Please see this article,  “Reiki and Martial Arts”  at for a general discussion about Reiki and the martial arts with some how-to information. 


Reiki Sessions and Classes: Since 1999, I have been providing Reiki services and teaching Reiki classes. 

Reiki sessions are by appointment and Reiki classes are offered on a periodic basis.  Class size is limited to ten. 

For more information about Reiki sessions and courses, or to schedule an appointment, please e-mail me at